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 Players and Staff

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PostSubject: Players and Staff   Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:37 pm

After posting to Masta in another thread I felt I had something i wanted to say to everyone here. Yeah yeah i know...the big mouth old lady gonna talk again hehehe....

I wanna say to all the staff how much i love you guys and all you do to make my job easier, make Gahnak fun and just how you all treat people. I know I probably don't say thank you enough so i wanted to make sure you guys know how much i appreciate it and give u a proper thank you.

For all the players I have grown to love you guys just like my real family. I worry about you and want all of you to be happy here in this world that belongs to us all really not just "the owners". Without you we, dramin and aly, nor the staff would be here. I love what i do here and I love doing it because all of you make it fun. Sometimes I sit and just watch and listen and get a big laugh just watching you all in your daily adventures.....sometimes I actually marvel at your dedication but most of all i want you all to know how much Dramin and I appreciate you guys.....we have made some great friends already and to me that makes starting Gahnak worth it......

Thank you all ..............
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PostSubject: Re: Players and Staff   Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:47 pm

Ahhh that was so nice and I do think of you Lady Aly and Lord Dramin as family and I bet you do just sit and watch what we do and have a good laugh now and then. I am so so glad that daughter TyGerKat found this place so we can now call home. Very Happy Very Happy
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Players and Staff
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