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 Castle Siege UO Styl

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PostSubject: Castle Siege UO Styl   Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:13 am

Soo everybody know i was away for a lot of time.I got this idea then.

Basic Idea: Players split in teams.One team will attack one defend.The defend team will own the castle.Attackers can have a camp near the caslte.Each player get some human like mob as pet.Whit same gear! NO CHEAT whit gear change on they.They attack castle defenders may set traps etc.And put pets in guards.Good idea to make soliders(human pets) in shrink too.Soo if on dye they can get out an another.Caslte will be like a maze whit secret passages and etc.If attackers get past into the heart of the castle and get the itme from there.They need to just go out of castle back to the camp and they win.Defenders win when they kill all attackers.

What we need: -A huge empty place ( I suggest on gm maps maybe)
-A huge castle build on the empty place, a maze like whit secret doors etc...
-Human like pets to make it much funner(More people more fun)
-A camp for attackers near to castle ( not in sigh but near)

Good to make as rule:-No gear change on pets
-No recall,mark,gate
-Make it fair fight soo everybody can have fun in it
-Make prices for wining team Very Happy

I think this is all what i wanted to write please think about it.I think it will be a really funny event. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Castle Siege UO Styl   Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:46 pm

I haven't participated in one of these types of event in years, they can be great fun provided people are in balanced gear and numbers. Would require some further defined rules and a lot of beta testing to make sure no class (after gear restrictions are in place) become effectively cannon fodder.
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Castle Siege UO Styl
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