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 New Portion of Gahnak

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Father Of Gahnak and Master Puppeteer
Father Of Gahnak and Master Puppeteer

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PostSubject: New Portion of Gahnak   Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:50 am

There has been part 1 of 2 Adult Only Themed sections added to Gahnak Falls. I will not go into detail about them here for the sake of minors, but if you would like to know, or like access to these sections you need to do the following:

Pm Alystenia, or Myself in the forums.
In that pm you need to include that you WOULD like access to the areas, and include your birthday with an acknowledgment that you are over 18...something like this. " I am over the age of 18."
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New Portion of Gahnak
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