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 Since The Wipe

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PostSubject: Since The Wipe   Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:09 pm

Ok this has been a couple of weeks coming. Thought I would take the time to list everything we have in game <that I can>.

Tailoring System

Painting System

Wood, Crystals and Ores System


Milk and Cheese Crafting


Wax Crafting

Silk Clothing Craft

Stitching System

Several Quests

Brewing System

Juicing System

****Baddies in the lands



Evil Vines

Animated Seeds

4 Horsemen of Apocalypse

Lord Blackthorn and Lady Dawn

The Four Elements

Enraged Fire Wyrms

Sir Roderick

Godly Dragons

Evil Knights

Ice Steeds

Mother Gorilla

Trophy Buck

Lawyer and Legal Aides

Crystal Elemental

Tree Fellows

Game Hunting System

Fancy Unicorns

Rebellius Guards

Cursed Pirates


Knights of Chaos

King Unicorns

Titan Warriors


Killer Bees

Bee Eating Mongoose's

Pyro Steeds

Disgruntled Bartender and Disgruntled Bar Patrons


Lottery System

Token System

Silver Payout


Pet Emote

********Coming VERY soon

Druid System

Ethereal Crafting System

With all of this being said let me add that 99 percent of all mobiles placed into the game have a special drop.

If there is anything I have failed to mention that you all have seen in game please feel free to post those here as well...Thank you...

Love, Aly
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Since The Wipe
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