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 Easter Eggs And More...

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PostSubject: Easter Eggs And More...   Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:56 am

The easter bunny is highly upset this year....seems the government charged him taxes on all the chocolate he bought to cover his easter rebellion he has thrown out the eggs and carrots all over the lands.....but he forgot to take out the goodies....each egg yields a prize and if you are lucky you might find a special prize. All you have to do is find the egg, place it in your pouch and click it ......he threw out the carrots as he vowed to go on a hunger strike....these are nothing but deco items but the are title easter 2009. But becareful should you run across him through the lands throwing out the eggs and carrots he is in a grumpy mood and may try to fight with you!!
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Easter Eggs And More...
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