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 Script Changes

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Father Of Gahnak and Master Puppeteer
Father Of Gahnak and Master Puppeteer

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PostSubject: Script Changes   Tue Apr 07, 2009 9:12 pm

First let me begin by saying sometimes I get into a rush doing things and do not pay as much attention as I should. I apologize to you all for this. After doing some careful thinking and going back through a few things, I have decided to do some modifications to a couple of scripts. Dar's Staff and Ozzy's Cain. Somehow with putting these into the world I failed to check over the scripts well enough. These items are above and beyond what we wish to see in our world right now at this time. I have modified these to better suit our system. With this being said, those who have obtained these items before today will be kept intact the drops after today will be the modified versions. In all fairness I felt I should do this. Just as in all fairness I felt I should change the scripts. I have also lowered the potential to kill Dar as well. Making him more easily approachable by the younger less advanced player. In the future, in Fel, there will be replica's of the originals for more advanced players to beat on. Again my apologies for my oversight and I will try not to make this same mistake again. Please keep in mind I am human though and other mistakes are a possibility. thank you

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PostSubject: Re: Script Changes   Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:35 am

On the staffs (Dar/ Ozzy's) what as changed?

It seems on Ozzy's its only the Hit Harm, Damage Inc and Durability on the new ones, the whole batch of them (Old and New) seem to have different minimum damage (I could've sworn they where 140 - 180 and now they are 180 - 180).

Now the thing is that there was no difference between 100 Hit Harm and 1400 of it as I had it hit for the roughly the same amount on all the different weapons I had with it on (100, 350 and so on of Hit Harm) over the lifespan of 2 Dar staffs and 5 Ozzy staffs.

Item based Damage Increase is capped at 100 (through your entire suite) so almost all the Damage Increase on the staff was redundant/ not even used by the games mechanics.

The only real nerf I have seen with the staffs is the lowering of Durability as the staffs can't be fixed or at least the ones I had couldn't.

As there been a alteration that I have missed? as 2/3 of the changes seem to have had no bearing on weakening the weapon.

With regards to Ozzy and Dar themselves I think what did most players over was one thing the fact that who ever coded them knew how to make Reflect Physical Damage count and they did this by making it so that those two spawns Physical Resistance was their weakest and as a result of this when a player used Consecrate weapon it triggered their RPD (My only deaths to Dar came because I forgot about that and used either consecrate or used a weapon with physical damage potential on it. If you where clever about what weapon you used and what spell you didn't use you wont tigger RPD and die because of it.

With the testing involving Riva....Well Riva hits hard and does a reasonable amount of that damage as Physical, meaning Riva triggers Dar's/ Ozzy's Reflect Physical Damage and kills them and Riva's Self through Riva's own basic attack. The loss of Mana Riva experianced was likely due to death as once you or a pet gets ressed after death it will have minimal HP/STAM/MANA and will need to heal and recharge it back (same with a shard reboot I believe).
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Script Changes
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