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 Custom weapons

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Xavros Silverbow

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PostSubject: Custom weapons   Sun Apr 19, 2009 8:45 am

As many of you know I added custom weapons to the token mall. What most do not know are the details and what has been changed. Each weapon has an initial cost of 1 million tokens. What this million tokens gets you is this: A weapon from the display models shown, 400 points to use on customizing your weapon (i.e. swing speed, elemental hit attributes, slayer mods, skill or stat increases, all that fun stuff), you get to name and hue your weapon, you get use best weapon skill, blessed, indestructable. 500k tokens gets you an additional 100 points at ANY TIME after or during initial purchase. Now anyone who has already purchased a weapon BEFORE 4/18/09 is allowed to change the weapon appearance to one of the new ones for FREE as I was not finished with the testing of the other designs. Simply page and ask for a new appearance.
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Custom weapons
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