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 Shard Report and New Info

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PostSubject: Shard Report and New Info   Sat May 23, 2009 3:55 am

Greetings all sorry for the delay in posting the past couple of days but we have had a few real time issues with family. My girls grandmother on her father's side had a heart attack and that slowed me down for a bit. All is well though they put in stint and did the balloon on another artery so hopefully this will fix all her issues. For those of you who say prayers if you don't mind throw up one for her when you say one please...thank you.

Secondly, as some know i have not had my meds for a couple of months thanks to the Government so just getting in from visiting my doctor and getting a good butt chewing for going without my meds and building up 21 pounds of excess fluid and my blood pressure being 240/130 perhaps after a week with meds I will feel more like participating now as I do have the shard up and running again or will as soon as I start the server. I had several issues i had to fix as the saves were not just exactly as they should be from where the computer messed up...but thankgoodness i gotter done ......FINALLY!

There will be several things in game gone as some of the scripts I had gotten from another shard owner are no longer public domain and available to the public for use ...they are now being auctioned off and honestly i refused to bid on scripts....dar, ozzy etc are no longer in game as well as some of the other items and such.... sorry for this you will see in my next paragraph this is not such a bad situation....

Now on to the more definite details.......we are no longer offering stat or skill upgrades with tokens.....the reason being is the shard is becoming a 24/7 shard now....meaning ...that we are getting so damn uber with stuff I can no longer keep up with making or finding things to be a challenge for individuals any longer and to accomodate veteran players in this area is jeapordizing the new players from wanting to continue to play here. To be honest I was afraid this situation would arise and was against using either for stat or skill gains on a continual basis but I also felt it needed to be tried to see how things went....

now with all of this being said this does not mean that we will not use stat gain events or offer stat gains on a limited time basis in the future....more importantly your information should be as it was before the computer crashed....atleast I am hoping it is cause this week has just about drove me batty with repairs LOLOL.....bottom line is your char should still be as it was ......I understand this may upset some of you but i feel i must do what is best for the shard overall and as much as i would love to give u all every single thing you want i realize I cannot always do that.....

On a final note if you see something and have a question about it after coming back up please please please post it here so that i can double check things....i have done a spot check and everything seems to be fine but I cannot get to every single crook and cranny in game to check....and until i get off some of this fluid i may not be right here at the computer for need to keep my feet up and such until this medicine gets back in my system...if you post here then i can and will check and repair any issues or post a response when i am here....

Thank you all for your time and patience i do appreciate it....made it a heck of alot less stressful knowing i didn't have everyone asking every few hours when the shard would be back up even though it was frustrating to say the least having to redo things and taking a bit longer than i first anticipated i never felt i was being pushed to hurry and i soooooooooooooo am thankful to you all for that.....ya'll are the best......the events that were posted for this weekend will also continue as planned......

Love you guys............
Aly Oop
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PostSubject: Re: Shard Report and New Info   Sun May 24, 2009 1:45 am

First let me say that I hope everything goes well with your daughters grandmother, she is in everyones hearts and prayers hun. Secondly, your health comes before the shard, ALWAYS. Period. End of discussion. Get your meds back in your system and the shard will be just fine and we will be just fine. We big people and we know things happen. Getting the shard re-balanced is a great idea dear, and now is the perfect time to do it. Any scripts that people want you to bid for, well, I guess we just dont need them that bad now do we? If that means we lose something, well so be it, we find something better later on. We got a great summer time coming up and a great weekend coming up Memorial Day is here at our door step and lets make the most of it. Its a time to remember those who have served to give us a right and freedom to play this game. I also want to Thank Lady Aly and Lord Dramin for all the time and effort they put into this game so we all have a place to come and relax. Without you 2 we would have nothing. Let us all not forget that.

Lord K'ael Stormfyre
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PostSubject: Re: Shard Report and New Info   Sun May 24, 2009 2:12 am

i agree with K'ael 100%. he was so right everything he said. in this post. you go K'ael

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PostSubject: Re: Shard Report and New Info   

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Shard Report and New Info
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