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 General Events

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Xavros Silverbow

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PostSubject: General Events   Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:09 am

As many of you know there is an event area set up with various games. Over the very near future I will be adding to them and modifying what currently exists. with that being said I would like to start a contest! The winner of this contest will have a spawn made OF THEM released in the lands with a special drop of their choice. The contest is this; come up with an event or game to be added in game. Send me an e-mail to titled "Gahnak Falls Event Contest" that details the rules, general set up, and any information needed for the event. Example of this would be: Board game, players roll dice in a typical board game manner to advance on the play field to reach the end. along the way obstacles may send the player back or forward X amount of spaces or provide a special reward or prize.
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General Events
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