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 Hanging In There

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Gahnak Freshman

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PostSubject: Hanging In There   Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:23 am

Hey Everyone!

Quick update - LOVIN the new place, especially both lawns and the garden. Been spending most of my free time outside talking to my plants and pruning trees. Been logging on each day at least once to see if anyone happens to be on and my timing has been indeed lacking LOL Dearest Aly I hope you are beginning to get what must be a drastic change in lifestyle and a proper dosage of meds somewhat in tune with each other and are beginning to feel better. My sister has been on insulin injections for about 7 years now and I remember how difficult it was for her at times dealing with all the adjustments. Hang in there sugar and know you and yours are in my prayers.

Talked to Lord K'ael and needless to say he's having major DT's while his computer is being repaired but relayed that there is indeed good news. They have repaired it and it is being shipped back already! Yay! So, looks like he'll have his baby back quicker than he planned.

Albert is still running a mile a minute and is using his downtime from the shard to "Trick the Harley" LOL GO ALBERT!

Hope everyone is doing well, or at least giving it their best shot. Can't wait to get back home but would rather you take all the time in the world getting better than to come back sick and then stay sick if that made any sense at all LOL Either way hun, you know what I mean.

Love Ya'll
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Gahnak Toy

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PostSubject: Re: Hanging In There   Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:16 am

Well I finally got my computer back from gateway. They replaced the modem and updated the BIOS, whatever those 2 things do, I dont have a clue. Have not fully tested it out so I do not know yet if the problem has been solved or not but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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Hanging In There
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