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 Lord Blackthorn and Lady Dawn

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PostSubject: Lord Blackthorn and Lady Dawn   Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:48 pm

For some there is nothing sweeter than the taste of revenge. Heightened only by the loyalty of his followers he has come to exact his revenge on those who have destroyed which he so proudly claimed as his own. Lady dawn, weapon in hand stands guard one floor below. A smile ever present upon her lips. Her lust for blood as insatiable as her lust to be Lady of the Castle. The goal of both, to destroy each and everyone who dares cross their path as they begin to slowly rebuild the ruins of what once was in a time long ago. Can you survive? I hope so as the path to their destruction is laid with heavy armor and rebellions. All waiting to draw first blood. Good Luck to all who dare .........
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Lord Blackthorn and Lady Dawn
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