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 Rare and/or Unique Stealables

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PostSubject: Rare and/or Unique Stealables   Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:30 am

Hiyas everyone..........

I would love to see more "original" and "unique" stealables i spose the proper term for them might be "custom" stealables... and on different time tables, locations, as well as Methods of Madness to acquire them, such as....... the gloves in Doom. Not quest but something very puzzling to just reach them to TRY and steal it. I still miss the Big rock and the fruit basket that use to spawn in fel .....doh sorry getting off the subject lol. Anyhow i think you understand, alot like the custom dragons. I do LOVE collecting RARE and VERY UNIQUE stealables. Thanks much and btw, this is TyGerEyez =)))))
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Rare and/or Unique Stealables
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